Ma. Cecilia Ocenar – Co-Borrower of Nolieta Velasco


Ma. Cecilia Olinar Co Borrower of Nolieta Velasco Ma. Cecilia Ocenar   Co Borrower of Nolieta VelascoMost lending companies require loan applicants to have co-borrowers to qualify for the loan. People often choose those who are close to them to be their co-borrowers, such as family members and friends. In certain instances, borrowers choose their neighbors as their co-borrowers. Such choice would not be surprising, as some people maintain good—if not great—relationships with their neighbors.


Cecilia’s Involvement


Ma. Cecilia Ocenar is the neighbor and co-borrower of Nolieta Velasco, who applied for an allottee loan at Vidalia Lending Corporation (VLC) last January 6, 2009. The borrower was granted the loan and has agreed to repay the amount plus interest in five months. Though the borrower did provide postdated checks to us as payment for the loan, the bank dishonored these checks because the account was closed. We notified Ma. Cecilia Ocenar about this and asked her to settle her loan obligation as co-borrower, but we have been unable to reach her despite numerous efforts.


A Call for Your Involvement


It has been years since the loan was released and yet it remains unpaid. In fact, it has more than tripled in amount. Though we did not succeed in collecting the payments in the past, we wish to succeed this time, hopefully with your help. Individuals who know about the whereabouts of Ma. Cecilia Ocenar should call us at 534-2556 or 718-0358.


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